Murray Family Ancestry

The Murray Family Tree website is a work in progress. Until recently this material was included on the Selby Family Tree website; now it can be accessed separately at Each tab is a generation, with our family line on the top tabs and siblings showing on the drop down below the tab. Side line parents and grandparents are at the bottom of the drop down tabs for their contemporary generation.


Please feel free to drop a line if you have information that will help fill in the gaps or provide details about, or photos of, our ancestors. I'm still searching albums and collections for photos. If willing to loan some photos, I promise to return them. If sending digital photos, please scan at 300 dpi (200 dpi if it's larger than 5" x 7"). Site feedback in the form of suggestions, corrections, and additions are always appreciated.

This website is for all of us, but especially those families that grew up together on the old homestead in Maryland and now are scattered like so many leaves. I hope you enjoy your tour of our ancestral roots.

Contact the webmaster via email
if you have additions, corrections, or questions--or even if you just want to say "hello, I think we're distant cousins!"

Note: Now that I have retired there will be major updates to the website and faster replies to queries.

Source credits noted where appropriate:
AMS = Agnes Murray Selby
HMR = Helen Murray Rowe Greiner Mortimer Weigand
CHM = Catherine Hurley Meyers
TP = Tom Proctor